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Leon TARASEWICZ (Polish, born 1957 in Waliły) completed his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw in 1984, where he has been a Professor since1997. Tarasewicz international success began in 1985, when he exibited his paintings in Stockholm. Since then his works have been shown in many places all over the world. The artist's paintings vary from giant work done in acryl straight on the gallery walls and large oil paintings to small pictures. With nature as his source of inspiration his paintings do not reflect it as it is, however, but underline structure of natural phenomenon.

"Is Tarasewicz a conceptual impressionist? His work absorbed and invented, beyond any definition of painting, delimited within its clear-cut edges, he is not re-presenting but presents a proposal of a 'behavioural painting', which can be perceived through the movement of the spectator on and along its surface. They are Architectonic and Floor Sculptures-as-Painting as landscape. They radiate light through colours, and they are mental structures done of constructive contradictions and integrations. Contradiction between the non-limited expansion of the works, and their being reductive visually and conceptually. Barnett Newman's paintings are one of the crucial achievements in 20th century art. He based his art on the idea of Zimzum, the Cabalistic concept of reduction, where god reduced himself to the most radical point, for leaving space to human creation'
     Tarasewicz, in his non scale-reductive works creates a Place (and for Aristotle 'place' and 'space' were identical. There was no such thing as an abstract, metaphysical 'space'. All was 'place').
     He is planning his landscape wherever he could .The furrows of his homeland, outside his studio and till the horizon, become now the field on which museums sites for his shows - are situated. His floor behavioural sculpture-paintings, which hide a 'secret symmetry', are not more inside the museum spaces. These spaces are built on his work, his Place."

Amnon BARZEL, Some notes for a theory: The behavioural floor projects of Leon Tarasewicz

"It's possible that Tarasewicz's abstract painted terrain of stripes that aren't stripes has something to do with his own position as a member of the Belorussian minority living a rural life on a historically contested border. But it may also be that this basic knowledge about his background leads us to misinterpret his work in terms of hyper-awareness of the land. It would be going to far to claim that the evolution of Leon Tarasewicz's art - from painting to existence in real space, from reductive landscape abstraction to color - saturated concrete floors and walls, and environments, resulted simply from the artist's own geographic roots and cultural habitat. Yet once you have seen the context from which his work issues, it's hard not to want to connect it, however tenuously, to the primal physical issues of organic existence: diversity, survival, extinction."

Kim LEVIN, Leon Tarasewicz - Absolute landscape
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